Here some Steps in his moving Life:

at twelve

Matto wins 1st prize at Nationwide Young Artist Competition

and decides to become an artist.

He practises every day for hours in the Zoo of Heidelberg

sine he was fourteen

first solo exhibition

other Art Awards, including the UNESCO Photo Award

since 1987

“RockART” socially critical observations on the subject of environmental protection and interpretation of musicians’ careers like the heroes of the 60th in paintings


Barefoot crossing of the Alps as a work of art for the protection and preservation of the Alps


Founding of the Publishing House Matto Barfuss


Opening of Europe’s first music art gallery accompanied with a wide press campaign internationally

from 1992 onwards

“Revolt of the Animals”  multilayer artworks. The idea is that the animals demonstrate for their rights.

since 1995

over 105 excursions to Africa

numerous reports in established magazines like  STERN, GEO and many others

for 25 weeks

Member of a wild family of cheetahs in the Serengeti

Living on his hands and knees as a “human cheetah”

from 1998

the bestselling picture book “Leben mit Geparden” is published, books are published in 8 languages

​​Founder and President of the non-profit association “Leben für Geparden e. V.”

Filming in the Serengeti for “The Cheetah Man”


Books “Land of the Cheetahs” + „Secrets of Africa” ​​and other excursions

from 2000

official representative of Baden-Württemberg

Opening of the “Art House” in Rheinau


Initiator of the international art and culture project “Painting for Cheetahs”

Development of the art sign “G” as a symbol for global responsibility

Aug 2001

spectacular cheetah reintroduction in Namibia


big TV special on ZDF and arte

“Ambassadors of the Mountains” in the UN International Year of Mountains

Nov 2002

Initiator and creator of the joint venture project Gepardenvilla under the motto “Culture meets business”

Founding of the initiative “Education for Conservation“. He develops a wildlife-schoolbook for Africans children. Until  2020 55.000 books were distributed free to schools and children in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia

Start of the ongoing documentation of the mountain gorillas in Uganda/Rwanda/D.R. Congo


Autobiography “In Search of Paradise“ in German, and then published  e.g. in China, Korea, the Czech Republic…

first creation of the “cheetah wine” under the motto “help and enjoy”

May 2003

Premiere of the first wildlife school book for Africa and distribution since then

of over 50.000 books in Africa


first publication of the Magazine „G” which is since then published on an annual basis


First expedition to the Congo and first television presentations

In addition (including exclusive film contribution in Stern TV) expansion of the project “Education for Species Conservation”

The photo book “Barfuss unter Berggorillas” is published


Second Congo expedition and completion of the film work on the film “Gorilla Fever”, various book publications

Start of shooting for the film series “… With lions through Africa”


Founding of the “Gorilla Aid Fund” and active support of game wardens in the Congo


Premiere of the documentary project “Barefoot with lions through Africa” ​​as HDA V-Show

Premiere of the film “The Future of the Gorillas” on Swiss television.


Picture book “…through Africa with lions” is published, start of filming „Spotted Hunters” and “The Forgotten Lions of Bushmanland”

The art project “House of ART and Diversity” is implemented in Germany


First film in the series “Across Africa with Lions” is released. The project becomes international.


Appointed as UN Decade Ambassador for Biological Diversity by Minister for Environmental Affairs

Book and film “The Cheetahs of the Kalahari”


The art house Planet Go is launched

Matto Barfuss starts filming the first 5K wildlife cinema production in the Kalahari

Filming for the feature film project “Once I’m a Big Cat” begins in August

The film “The Wild Dogs of the Kalahari” is completed after 6 years of shooting


Continuation of the long-term study of cheetahs and lions in the Kalahari

Months of film work in 5K for the feature film project “Once I’m a Big Cat”

Opening of an office in Maun/Botswana and distribution oaf school-books 


Completion of filming “Once I’m a Big Cat”

Founding of the Go wild Botswana Trust – wildlife education in Botswana and containment of human-wildlife conflicts


Completion of shooting “Maleika” in December.

New Multivision “Wild Life – on the way to Maleika”

Founding of Maleika Film GmbH


“Maleika” fashion collection based on single pictures of the movie with MARC CAIN

Illustrated books “Maleika” and “Maleika – The book for the cinema film” are published

October 4th – World premiere of the movie “Maleika” in the Zoopalast Berlin


Making of Film “Maleika – A Little Boy’s Dream”

Spot for Birkenstock in Botswana


Founding of Go wild Reisen und Event GmbH

Film series “Maleika tells” starts with “The Cheetahs in the Kalahari” and “Leopards – Ghosts of the Savannah”

Spot for TSG Hoffenheim


Film series “Maleika tells” is continued with “The King of the Animals” – numerous film broadcasts worldwide

The focus of the shooting will be on the film “The Rolling Bones”. There is also a very important production in Kenya in October.


Post-production of the feature film PAMBARA begins.

The 100th Africa excursion

Series of events in the Art House is launched