Matto Barfuss is one of the most famous and very special film-maker in the field of wildlife: “I want to give my “actors” a unique personality. Animals are for me real characters.”

Since 30 years now Matto stay for 6 month per year in the African bush. He really goes for it and collects footage for a long time, before editing the story:

“I never produced a movie on commission. I go for the story. Some of the protagonists I know their whole life. Suddenly I have the feeling – this is what I want to put as a story to make a great movie.”

I always wanted to produce movies for the big screens. When I was fourteen I bought my first cinema-camera. It was to expensive for me and I had to sell it, when I was 16. But then I swore by myself: One day you will buy the best camera on the world and make bis movies. When I purchased the first 5K Camera, this was the moment. Today I produce in 6K and 8K.”

Find here some Movies from Matto in our VOD-Channel:

Maleika was the most successful Movie in German cinemas about a very special Wildlife Story: The Cheetah Mother which never ever gives up! In English!
Maleika (The Cheetah) narrates here about the “King of the Beasts” – 106 minutes episode in English!